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toward the super bowl. we now know who the 49ers will play for the nfc championship. the atlanta falcons today beat the seattle seahawks, so that means the 49ers will face-off against the falcons next sunday in atlanta. the winner of that game goes to the super bowl in new orleans on february 3rd. we will have all of the highlights of that atlanta- seahawks game coming up later in sports wra. >>> meantime, police at candlestick had their hands full last night at candlestick with dozens of ejections. 92 ejections. 62 were taken to the medical clinic. 25 people, we're told, were arrested for public intoxication. two were arrested on suspicion of dui following the game. and another two were arrested on suspicion of auto burglary. >>> 49er gear was flying out the door at the nfl store in san francisco. the store at pier 39 displayed a sea of red and gold this morning. a steady stream of 49er fans were snatching up just about anything that had a niner logo stuck to it. but it was the colin kaepernick jersey that most fans were eager to get their hands on. we talked to one fan who flew in from
quietly and now are on their way to atlanta for the nfc championship game. outside the 49ers practice field javier rodriguez had his camera focused on a 2-inch gap in the fence. for fans like him there was no opportunity to small to catch a glimpse of his favorite team. >> i was actually taking some pictures of the team trying to get some good snapshots so i could share them with my kids and say hey, i was there at the practice game. >> reporter: off the practice field team spirits were high. >> it feels like our team is determined, focused, ready to get on a plane and get ready to play a football game. >> reporter: after last weekend's decisive win against the packers oddsmakers have the 9ers favored to beat the atlanta falcons by four points. coach jim harbaugh cautioned against overconfidence. >> counteract that, we've been doing that by preparation and studying for this test. >> it's going to be the same routine. it's just in atlanta, not here. >> reporter: quarterback colin kaepernick broke an nfl weekend last weekend with 181 rushing yards in a single game. he says t
sport. big games and hits. and the 49ers defensive couldn't stop atlanta but shot them out cold in the end. they were down 17 nothing and scored twice the make it closer. and matt ryan had to be targets and tony with a ten-yarder to give the lead at half time. nineswhich crabwhen crabtree recovers. and 49ers come right back, and gore's second touchdown of the game to give san francisco its first lead of 28-24. 4th down, 4th to go and matt ryan has led seven overtime victories, not today. 28-24 and they are headed to new orleans for superbowl 47 in two-weeks and their first performance since 1995. the greatest comeback in nfc history and i am sure the 49ers will take it. >> reporter: i would have to call this a gut check time. any time you are down and in hostile territory, to be able to look your teammates in the eye and come back and win. it all game down to the last drive, the falcons had the ball, a touchdown and they win. it was a crucial 4th down play and a break up on the pass that clenched it and after the game bowman talked about that play. >> it came to if you want to g
to win it. >> reporter: 49ers are set to leave for atlanta tomorrow. at 6:00 p.m., jim harbaugh about how to win big games on the road. live, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can find out all of today's 49ers press conference information on our website, find it under the nfl playoff tab or latest video section. ktvu channel 2 news has you covered sunday for the game against the falcons. starts at 9:30 a.m. championship play book, followed by the championship ace and pre-game. and the game is at noon and following the game the point after. >>> san francisco giants ithird baseman pablo sandoval is in a hospital in venezuela. he has been diagnosed with colitis. his winter league club says he could return in two days. >>> raid in north america ended with the -- north africa ended with deaths where a group was holding 40 people. algerian helicopters fired on the cop plex killing 35 hostages, including americans. 20 escaped alive with the help of the u.s. army. they said the incident shows al- qaeda remain as global concern. >> they are a threat. they are a threat to
, i did. atlanta, georgia. >> reporter: what are they paying you? >> right. nothing. this is volunteers. >> we have beans, parsley, ground up flowers. >> reporter: so you will never get hungry. >> of course not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: roger thomas will drive the honda sponsored float tomorrow. 34th year he has been undercover steering the route and never seeing one bit of the parade. >> reporter: you are driving blind. >> completely blind. picture an umbrella on the ground wandering around. lot of fun. >> the corner of orange grove and colorado boulevard will be jammed with thousands tomorrow. and further down colorado avenue, folks are already staking claim to their favorite viewing spots. >> we have been at this spot since 1985. >> i will be here today until tomorrow. >> reporter: what are you going to do to occupy your time? >> i have my ipad, iphone, i am going to play games. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the theme for this year's parade is the places you will go. tomorrow stanford hopes to go somewhere they haven't gone since 1972, that is the winner's circle of
the new york area could be hit in august and september. in atlanta the risk runs from june through september. and miami could be at risk all year long. >>> san jose police say an 82- year-old woman was struck and killed. she is the first traffic death of the year. she was hit last night at 6:00 p.m. police say she was crossing the road when she was hit by a truck. the driver stopped and cooperated with police and investigators say they don't think alcohol or drugs played a role. >>> scientists examining a 2 billion-year-old rock from mars say it could be a missing link. they say the rock is older than most they have studied and contains more water. the rock was discovered in 2011. about 65 have been recovered on earth. >>> new rules at san francisco's homeless shelters, what the city is doing to keep violence from coming inside. >> high clouds moving in to the bay area right now, how much of a temperature jump for your friday? vÑ look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd ge
in the throat yesterday in atlanta. the 35-year-old fan is expected to survive his injuries. after the championship game the victim got into a fight with a man and two women who were rooting for the 49ers but the fight turned violent and that is when one fan stabbed the other fan. >>> in 7 minutes, the 49ers are back in the bay area, coach harbaugh's comments. >>> new at 5:00 p.m. a rescue this afternoon at ocean beach. news chopper 2 was over head spotting the surfer stranded on the rocks and crews told him to jump back in to the water. janet joins us live with how the surfer got into trouble and the rescue that took place. >> reporter: it was a beautiful day out here but it could have been a deadly outing for the surfer. he got too far from shore and then started cramping up and ended up getting stranded at seal rock and the rescue boat couldn't get in close enough to reach him. the call came in this afternoon. you can see the surfer was stranded on seal rock. officials tell me he was out with a friend but started cramping and couldn't make it back to shore so he climbed on back
the building here. this is just north of atlanta. officials say the twister touched down near city hall and there were reports 5 people were trapped in a building because of storm damage. this tornado is part of a massive storm system that is being blamed for a death in tennessee where a man was killed when a tree fell on him. >> remarkable picture. >>> our weather now. bill, you were talking about this is one of the driest januarys on record. >> third on record. that is a big deal, right? rain has been scarce. and percentages have been plummeting. we stay dry. right now i am checking out the winds. at the surface they are doing that. off shore winds, from land to sea. that pushes the marine influence, not just fog, you see the fog going away, it pushes the cooler, moister marine air away and the air is sinking. and then it warms. along the coast, swells are small. dropping down the last couple days. nothing like a few weeks ago. 8-foot in montry -- monterey. when you go to the beach, think about the rip tides. this is a rip tied time of year. over night loads. forecast over night lows.
on, 24-14 the final, seattle now travels to atlanta next sunday for round 2 of the playoffs. >>> well, last year the indianapolis colts won all of two games. given that you would have to call this season a huge success, even though the colts and quarterback andrew luck went 1 and out against the baltimore ravens. they have the return of a key player. ♪[ music ] ray lewis back from injury and playing for the first time since announcing he will retire at the end of the season. lewis was on 13 tackles, nine of them solo. the colt doing it on the fly as clyde christensen had to take over offensive coordinator duties because bruise arians was hospitalized with the flu. luck was sacked three times. kruger with 2.5 sacks. baltimore led at the half and padded the lead in the 3rd quarter. joe flacco pints pitta with a 20-yard touchdown pass. the ravens making it a two- possession game and then in the 4th quarter after the colts cut the deficit 17-9. anquan boldin outmuscled the defender cassius vaughn. luck trying to rally his team has this pass tipped by reggie wayne and luck makes the touc
in the game in atlanta. that's the challenge for the baltimore ravens. >> we have to know this guy can kill us with his arm or with his legs. so we have -- we can't get caught up in trying to do other peoples jobs. we have to allow our front seven. we have to allow them to deal with the run. we need to fill in where need be. >> guys have been scrambling running quarterbacks before. it's not a new breed. i'm sure kaepernick would say the same thing. he's a problem on the football field. he's a good quarterback. and a good athlete. good player. so he definitely poses a problem. >> i'm expecting them to come out and be very physical. that's who they are on defense. they're very smart. very experienced. they're going to do anything they can to stop us. >> reporter: the mid season switch from alex smith to colin kaepernick has been described as jim harbaugh's great gamble. they have a channel to make that gamble pay off making this the picture of the super bowl 47 champions. it is a pretty amazing asens. that means randy moss coming up at 6:00. >> we have a full team in new orleans. immediately fo
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10